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Parts and accessories

Ensure the long-term performance of your DAF! 

The performance of your truck largely depends on the quality and service life of its components.

They are of prime importance for the availability of your vehicle. 

This is why it is so important that you use original DAF spare parts. Parts of inferior quality may cause premature wear and make the truck less failsafe.


DAF offers an extensive range of parts and accessories with a long service life.

The parts are not only perfectly attuned to your vehicle but are also delivered and mounted with DAF warranty. 

Thus, you can be sure that your vehicle will show top performance over a long period of time. But the DAF distributor has more to offer.


The service and product portfolio also comprises trailers, semitrailers, superstructures, and systems such as tail- and headboards. 

Thus, you benefit from one-stop sourcing for all your truck-trailer combinations or semitrailer trucks, i.e. your entire fleet. 

Single-source shopping – comfortable, efficient, and in the quality you've come to expect from DAF.